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Innsbrook Commons

  • Innsbrook Commons
  • Innsbrook Commons
  • Innsbrook Commons
Portfolio Description

Connelly Development Founder Kevin Connelly had wanted to develop and own property in Rock Hill but had not found a suitable site. While meeting with the City staff they revealed that they were attempting to create a revitalization plan for the old Haggins Fewell mill site and the surrounding neighborhood. Connelly began reviewing the proposed master plan and saw that while it had merit it also had some real challenging issues.

Innsbrook Commons was the first development that had been successfully done in the community in over 50 years and was the beginning of a total transformation in the area.

While Connelly worked to develop affordable housing the City used what the Connelly properties would pay in property taxes to setup and utilize bond proceeds financed by the popular TIFF program to rebuild the dilapidated surrounding infrastructure. As a result today 160 units of affordable housing exist surrounded by new streets, lighting, sidewalks, walking trails, and more.

Portfolio Details
  • Project Date: 2011-2012
  • Category: Garden Style Family